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FAQ – AlkByLekal
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Alin Le Kal, a name synonymous with style, elegance and allure, has lent his creative and visionary art to the fashion-world creating garments of timeless style and supreme beauty that render the modern woman.
Can I Have Alterations Made to My Preferred Style?

Alk By Le’ Kal offers alterations to your chosen style once the gown is complete. Alteration costs are subject to the work involved, and can only be quoted once we understand the degree of work necessary to achieve the preferred fit. We don’t, however, offer alterations to the design, as this would boarder on customisation.

Am I Able To Try Any Of The Styles On?

We offer consultations in our Melbourne studio which is an opportunity to try the samples on. Sample sizes vary and can be established via email upon making an appointment. If you’re not Melbourne-based, please contact us to learn of the nearest stockists in your location.

How Do I Know What Size I Am?

The intricacy of sizes vary from brand to brand. Please refer to our size chart for key measurements which should help you narrow down your closest size. If you’re debating between two sizes, please contact our support team for guidance.

How Long Until I Receive My New Gown?

Please allow approximately 4 months to receive your gown from the date you place the order. It’s always a good idea to place your order earlier if you can, as external factors such as shipping and supply chains can be unpredictable during these times.

Do You Ship World Wide?

Alk By Le’ Kal ships to most major cities and countries. Please contact support staff if you’re unsure whether we ship to your location.

Can Alterations Be Made To The Designs?

Alk By Le’ Kal does not alter designs, only the fit. We offer custom designs at our mother-brand, Alin Le’ Kal. Please visit our site at